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So I have this problem with a certain someone called Yandarywolf12. As the name suggests he’s a stocker and he has a certain simpie which happens to be me. I am regretting every single life choice I have when I’m around him. Yeah other people in the chat doesn’t seem to like him too and they also believe he’s annoying. I’m shocked because I would always say something rude to him or insult him in some sort of way and he still thinks of me as the Google Lord and Savior some pie good old buddy old pal friend that I am. I really don’t know what to do with hyper fanboy if any of you have any suggestions to tell me how to deal with him please leave in the comments because I am seriously going to kill myself if I have to deal with this person
One day I was wondering around to find new ideas. But then I thought of something and that is there was never a nature and technology kind of analysis. So I figured it was a good idea for me to be the first one to ever come up with something like that. And for the story the basic idea is that nature in technology have many problems with each other. Nature gets in the way of technology by growing roots weeds plants and animals destroying all their machines. But technology g has problems with nature to. Cutting down trees pollution and testing on animals. With these problems in hand and trying to make human life better they decide to battle out their differences and they had enough so they go out and fight for what is theirs and to take it and take it for good